Saturday, 28 January 2017

5 Things Must Know Before You Are About To Plan Event:

1. Venue :

Finding right place for your events which can accommodate all your guests happily with good space for event and catering. If the event is in day time venue should be air conditioned as to solace the guest in sun’s heat wrath. If it’s a night time event the venue should be spacious one so that guest can enjoy event in moon’s cover.

Glorious entertainment provides you with venue according to your guest strength and the type of event.

2. Event planner:

If you are looking for a hassle-free event the event planner is the answer to your all questions. Glorious entertainment is the leading event planner and organiser in Odisha. We are one stop solution of all your needs.

3. Theme and D├ęcor:

Any venue is unfulfilled without the theme and decor according to the event, Glorious entertainment lets you and guests experience the ultimate swag and shimmer for the events which will be imprinted in your memories.

4. Catering:

Catering is all about showing hospitality to your guests to convey your happiness for their presence in your special day. Catering is all about better service with better food. Glorious caterers, a catering body of Glorious Entertainment kis one of the leading caterers in Bhubaneswar and is highly recognised for its unsurpassed functioning.

5. Other essentials:

Rooms for guests, capturing moments, videography and other pre event ceremonials are also essential part of events. We at glorious entertainment focus on each little need which will make your events into a grand success.

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